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Modern organizations are facing many challenges in document and project management.

The key challenges with documents are

  • Availability
  • Consistency
  • Collaboration
  • Standardization
  • Set completeness
  • Quality Compliance
  • Safety & access control
  • Knowledge Management

The key challenges with
projects are

  • Planning and scheduling challenge
  • Project status reporting challenge
  • Task priorities for the day /week
  • Communicate and escalate task completion failures
  • Communicate and manage project issues
  • To achieve timely completion of the project


The non-availability of user friendly, cost-effective and easy to implement solutions has prevented organizations from doing so. Laurus Infosystems brings ProDoc Premier, an excellent software product for Document and Project Management, which is easy to use, easy to implement and very cost effective.

ProDoc Premier also helps in Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is the process of Capturing, Developing, Sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge. KM is a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organizational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.

Productivity with ProDoc Premier

It provides for seamless collaboration, ease of working together and improved efficiency across an organization from a Project and Knowledge management standpoint.

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